Poster Competition

Decriminalize Denver is hosting a worldwide competition to design our new campaign poster. This campaign will go down in history for being the first city in the United States to decriminalize mushrooms. We believe the campaign poster will become an iconic visual memory of this movement and our message.

Are you or one of your friends a talented artist? We welcome your submissions and embrace the creativity and passion of this growing community!


Why you should enter the competition:

  1. Our team’s top 20 picks from the artworks submitted will be exhibited at a special event to thank the artist community for supporting our mission, in Denver before May 7th, 2019.

  2. The winner will receive $500 as payment for their work to be used to spread the message of Decriminalize Denver.

  3. The artwork chosen will be shared virally across the globe, with international exposure and an opportunity for the artist to go down in history as having created this iconic piece for an iconic event.


What you need to know before entering:

  1. Submission deadline is March 15th, 2019 at 5.07pm.

  2. Your poster design can take any aspect ratio but must be in portrait orientation and suitable to be printed on 11x15 US paper.

  3. Submissions should be made as a single, high resolution PDF or JPEG image. If selected, we will require your artwork to be scalable up to 48" W x 72" H (the size of a standard bus shelter).

  4. The words ‘Decriminalize Mushrooms’ must appear prominently on the design. Other language can be interpreted from the homepage of this website.

  5. The campaign logo must be clearly visible somewhere on the image. Download our logo here.

  6. Artwork can use any color pallet, though we recommend ensuring harmony with our existing logo design.

  7. This campaign prioritizes research, information, professionalism and the right to choice. These are examples of the message we wish this poster to convey visually. Find relevant reference pieces in this Pinterest board.

  8. While we respect the power of psychedelic imagery and iconography, this is not the primary visual language of our campaign at this time.


Please complete the form below

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